Our Culture

Our Team Approach, Fortified by Top Technology

Whether you’re dealing with tumors or trauma of the brain; dementia; migraine headaches; stroke, spine and peripheral nerve problems; or seizure disorders, our specialists and staff can help you live a better, healthier life and achieve your best treatment outcomes. Learn more about the conditions we treat at WellSpan.

We are skilled in using the latest technology including 3 Tesla MRI, functional MRI, MRI spectroscopy and sophisticated intraoperative neuromonitoring. Our neurosurgeons also perform advanced procedures including endovascular neurosurgery, neuronavigation, stereotactic radiosurgery and minimally invasive cranial and spinal surgery.

Additionally, patients benefit from our team approach to care. Neurologists and neurosurgeons collaborate with physical, occupational and speech therapists; oncologists and radiation oncologists; trauma specialists; and pain management specialists to ensure complete and thorough care. We believe detailed conversations between team members and family members are the foundation of forming a treatment plan. We seek to treat our patients’ families with the same level of attention and focus with which we treat our patients.

Your Connection to Comprehensive Care

Throughout the WellSpan system, you will find accredited specialty centers that provide advanced care to people with neurological conditions, including our accredited Sleep Disorder Centers, certified advanced Primacy Stroke Centers, Spine and Pain Care and comprehensive Cancer Center. Plus, we are advancing knowledge and enhancing outcomes through our clinical trials, including those for care and treatment of primary brain tumors.


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